Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Christmas Time 2021

The tree goes up at the Page Kenders


and the Page Bethels arrive from Panama. 


A snuggle on the couch


and some art work in the studio.


Simon gets his second Pfizer.

Rachel on a mountain walk.


One of our movie nights--maybe "Elf"?


Sam's 45th.


The girls.


 The boys--making pasta.


Cousins at chess.


Vegan  cinnamon rolls in prep for Christmas morning.

Sam preparing his fabulous Carne Asada.


The Christmas PJ quartet

and present opening.

A hike with Richard, his daughter Kristen, Rachel and Dexter.

PK's off to New Jersey for 5 days. 

PB's to the Huntington Gardens. 


More hikes

and my cheery studio at night.


 Empanada diner at PK's.

Boosters for Gwen, David and Rachel.


Grandkids in my Pineapple Guava tree.


Airport hugs--Rachel and family back to Panama. 

Cozy Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

 Happy Thanksgiving!


Sam and Jess with friends--a seat for all!


Rachel, David,  Gwen and Simon in Cambutal, Panama,

with watermelon drinks.

The Woodward's, Richard and

 his daughter Kristen at my house.

The spread!

Sunday, November 14, 2021

 Back in Burbank

where Linda and Jeff took good care of my house all summer

and finally found a house of their own. 

And we got together with the new celebrity star, River,

who  everyone



 to hold.


Pizza night at Sam and Jess'


with baseball in the backyard.

Rachel and Gwen travel back to Panama, 

much to Coco's delight

while David and Simon patiently wait in Chocorua

for the vaccine to be approved for under 12-year olds. 


A visit to Palm Springs with the Hike Group 

(now more of a wine and dine group)


and a visit to see Richard

and his puppy Dexter.

Friday, October 15, 2021

 Leaving Chocorua


The summer, for me, was over.  

Time to pack up.  

Very sad to say goodby to Rachel and David, Gwen and Simon.

Lea drove over from Maine to pick me up. 

We drove out early the next morning with Rachel recording the departure.

We were traveling with Woody, the Feinstein's 34 year old parrot--a very patient and sweet creature.


He loved being let out of his cage in various AirB&Bs and hotel rooms. 

Our first stop was Buffalo where we found a wonderful little Italian restaurant with an outside dining patio and an attentive waiter.


Strange sights along the way. 

After hitting Chicago at rush hour, our least favorite thing, we got to Madison, WI where Lea's son Noah and his family live.

What a nifty city--with water all around.

Lunch at our hotel.

Then a night in Boulder and on to Denver.


As we gained altitude in the mountains through Colorado, our bag

 of Dorito's got larger and larger


 until it couldn't take anymore--and popped.

The most beautiful part was driving through Utah with the amazing shapes and colors of its red cliffs.


I tried, but couldn't get any photos that did it justice.

Finally back to Burbank.

An easy 6-day drive.  Incredible country but glad to be home.


Dahlias I'd planted in Chocorua in mid-May--

 didn't bloom until two days after I left.

Simon snapped this photo.