Sunday, August 13, 2017

Next Trip to Chocorua--in July:
The Maine Portion
Spent 5 days at Lea's house in Small Point, Maine--a lovely old house that had been her grandmother's.
Candis was there and Jan, artists and friends, who--with Lea-- know how to wrap up in warm blankets at breakfast and talk the morning away.
The fun continues:  Candis painting a lamp she found in the house,
Jan inscribing a tree branch,
Lea modeling possible outfits for son David's wedding in NYC. 
Finished product!
Candis swinging on a nifty living room chair. 

Selfie us!!

Then to Mt. Desert Island for Katie Harris' wedding:
Steffi at meal preparation
and Katie.
Good grand uncle Jim reading to Alex's boys.
Got no wedding photos but did get this moment of joy while on a hike--camp kids descending in delight on the Harris' 3 golden retrievers.  Dogs were happy too.


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Chocorua in June
I'm making three short trips to Chocorua this summer--wanting to open up the house but not leave Toby for too long in his board and care home in Burbank.
This first trip
was to get the raft and the dock out, 
with much help from Alan and neighbor Tristan and her friend.
To lay the straw down on the path for a soft trek down to the lake.
And do a thousand more things!
I saw the loon with a babe on the back, maybe two, not three--but now there's only one (where is the sad emoji when I need it?). 

Checking out Simon's "shelter" which he made last year.  It's still standing and strong,

I love the two stones holding the shelter support sticks--repeated all around the structure.

My Tante Ann's piano got moved in from Becky's Chocorua piano studio where it had been residing since our move out of Barrington.  It's tuned and ready.  I just have to relearn how to play!
Julie and Andy came to dinner
as did Alan.
So good to be back in Chocorua again with the lake and the land and the friends.


Friday, July 7, 2017


To the Ahmanson--Jess got free tickets to the Scottish Ballet's "A Streetcar named Desire" --
wonderful ballet and fun, fun dinner afterwards.

Kids and I went to the Long Beach Aquarium for a special meeting with the otters who had been trained to get food when they put a paw through the window opening.  This delighted the kids--

as did these hungry birds loving the sweet syrup in Max's hand--delighted and a bit freaky!!

Then a visit from Sarah and Alan and Christina.
Toby recognized all--and seemed very happy.


 I love these hands--sister and cousin and Toby, together through the years.

Thai dinner in beautiful downtown Burbank!

Saturday brunch with the PK's and Amelia.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Toby's 77th and More....

Vincent and Arden (and small dog) celebrate Toby's 77th at Ardenville.

Max and Jess (with Sam and Maddie) celebrate Toby's 77th with eclairs.

Rachel, David, Gwen and Simon celebrate Toby's 77th with song!

Other celebrations:

Parent's Night at Edison.

Maddie's bridging ceremony for Girl Scouts.


Sam's brilliant outdoor TV set up with rapt kiddo audience.

Rachel's sweet homecoming from a week in Auckland giving lectures.


Lea's happiness with her new cornrows.


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Monsters at Point Reyes
The Monsters (aka our story telling group) met at the end of April to tell, write, commune, eat and play at Point Reyes!
Some of us on the way to our rental from SFO.
Jay at the Muir Redwood Forest.
Our rental--empty chairs waiting for us all 9 of us.
Steffen, having grown up in the Bay area brought us to this area, a place he loves. 

Wending our way down to his favorite beach--Limantour Beach.

A horizon like it was hundreds of years ago--unblemished by oil rigs!

Gnoshing time.
Photo time.
Party time:  Japanese drumming.
Play time:  Dancing to the all -women band "Foxes in the Henhouse."
All in all, a great time!!


Friday, May 19, 2017

Carol's Visit
The week before our storytelling group met in Point Reyes, Carol Burnes came out to Burbank for a pre-storytelling visit.
Maddie and Max and Carol and I marched in the Burbank March for Science just near us on the Chandler Bikepath. 
Carol knows these talented artists in LA--Jonas Wood and Shio Kusaka--friends of her kids who used to hang around her barn in Weston, MA.   Now they're doing big, bright paintings
and wonderful pottery
which always has a surprise
where the pattern from one side meets the pattern from the other.
I was blown away by their work! 
A very sweet visit to Toby who smiled broadly when he saw Carol.
And deer on the lawn across the street just as we were leaving!