Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Monsters at Point Reyes
The Monsters (aka our story telling group) met at the end of April to tell, write, commune, eat and play at Point Reyes!
Some of us on the way to our rental from SFO.
Jay at the Muir Redwood Forest.
Our rental--empty chairs waiting for us all 9 of us.
Steffen, having grown up in the Bay area brought us to this area, a place he loves. 

Wending our way down to his favorite beach--Limantour Beach.

A horizon like it was hundreds of years ago--unblemished by oil rigs!

Gnoshing time.
Photo time.
Party time:  Japanese drumming.
Play time:  Dancing to the all -women band "Foxes in the Henhouse."
All in all, a great time!!


Friday, May 19, 2017

Carol's Visit
The week before our storytelling group met in Point Reyes, Carol Burnes came out to Burbank for a pre-storytelling visit.
Maddie and Max and Carol and I marched in the Burbank March for Science just near us on the Chandler Bikepath. 
Carol knows these talented artists in LA--Jonas Wood and Shio Kusaka--friends of her kids who used to hang around her barn in Weston, MA.   Now they're doing big, bright paintings
and wonderful pottery
which always has a surprise
where the pattern from one side meets the pattern from the other.
I was blown away by their work! 
A very sweet visit to Toby who smiled broadly when he saw Carol.
And deer on the lawn across the street just as we were leaving!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Kiddo Doings

Max proudly moved up in his Cub Scout Troop from a wolf to a bear.

This Saturday, the troop spent the night at the LA Zoo.  Among other exciting things the kids were given night vision goggles and went on an animal (stuffed--not real, not taxidermy-type) hunt.

Parents' Night at Edison Elementary School: 


Maddie explaining her work.

Max's essay on the plenty of Chocorua!.


Another yummy Max look!

Neat thing for me:  Maddie happened to be on the playground on my morning walk past the school.  We chatted for a brief minute through the fence before the kids were all called in.  You can see her in her pink shirt running towards class.


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Started at least a week ahead of time by an invite from Julie to creatively dye eggs at her house.
Some of our endeavors.
 Then Jess and Sam brought eggs, dye, cups, spoons, etc. over to Ardenville so Toby could watch the egg dying.  Daisy, Toby's wonderful and sweet caretaker from Rehab days, dyed a few--saying she'd never done it before!
On Easter Sunday I had appetizers and cool drinks for Sam and Jess' group who walked over for the  egg hunt.
by Fiona
and by Max.
Finding treats in the plastic eggs
while the grown-ups sat in the shade. 
Finally, back at Sam and Jess', a sumptuous lunch under Sam's newly completed pergola.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Burbank Happenings
An afternoon out with Max....
Stopping in at Chili John's where Max (usually with his babysitter Natalie) is a Thursday regular.  They poured a Root Beer for him before he even asked and seemed to know that he'd ask for lemon pie.
The first, and only, ones in the theater waiting for "Boss Baby" to begin.
Several days later, Maddie's "official" b'day party--at a trampoline place (with many bouncing arenas).

Maddie and girl friends anticipating the candle blow-out.

Afterwards, visiting Toby at Ardenville where Maddie opened presents from friends.

Maddie, stage front, at the Edison School Spring Concert.

Morning tye-dying at Taisie's.

Monday, April 10, 2017

I went to Carmel for a few days last week
to drop off some of my painted furniture at a gallery in Carmel Valley Village--
a table full of color,

a child's chair, 

and a chest
with octopus.

Lea met me there.  So comfy on this wicker furniture that she bought the whole set and will (somehow) send it all to their Maine summer house.
Then on to the mid-Eastern boot store
and a late afternoon walk on the beach.
Carmel is lovely--and fun for Lea and I to explore it together.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Maddie's 9th!
Simon's 6th!


celebrated on the 22nd--by a visit to Chuck E Cheese 
where the kids amassed a huge number of tickets playing the arcade games

that Sam fed into a machine which gave out a receipt for some kind of (very) small gift at the end.
Then the making of a minty-chocolatey cake which was yummy.
And, finally--the celebration!

And, on the other side of the world, our Simon celebrated his 6th birthday four days earlier (well--three days earlier in their time) .
a few toys
and a birthday lunch.
Green?  Maybe because it was St. Patrick's Day here. 

Congrats to my getting-older grand kids!