Tuesday, November 7, 2017

October Happenings

Sam and the Feinsteins (Carl and Lea, Adam, Jessie and kids) come for dinner --

kids at the craft table 

with Maddie (picture on top) showing Greta Feinstein (picture on bottom) how to draw advanced eyes--see the pupil and then the reflection?

Lea has arrived LA...finally!  Moved her studio down here from San Francisco.

Pumpkin carving at John and Erin's (Page Kender friends)--it always astounds me how inventive the carvings are!  The winner on the top shelf you can't see--it's totally black.

School Halloween parade:

Max as Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy's

and Maddie as the Statue of Libery.
Incredible creations by Amelia, the whiz seamtress grandmother!

Toby--my guy.  I think he's very handsome in black.

Some of my work: 


Saturday, October 14, 2017

September in Chocorua
First stop--at Sarah 
and Alan's who so graciously stored my car, Mothball, from the last visit to this.
Weekend painting class I taught at ArtWorks in Chocorua. 
Very special one night visit from Bill and Lenore. 

Down south to Wareham, MA, for storytelling.
Painting Halloween masks--

quite eerie by candlelight!

Up north and back to Chocorua for Sunday discussion group with author and philosopher Jonathan Kaag.
Quickly over to Bangor, Maine for the annual get-together with Annie Moody and Christina.
We're not great at selfies but fabulous in spirit as we talk about everything and eat well, thanks to Christina.

Back to Chocorua to meet Toby's old student Rob Letzler who successfully located most of Toby's book on Toby's backup files.

Myles and Ned for dinner on my last weekend there
Sad to leave good friends for the winter!

And a wonderful send-off Sunday dinner at Julie and Andy's.
Weary but glad to be back in Burbank on September 25th

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

August in Burbank

Watching the (partial) eclipse at Edison Elementary


with Max 

and Maddie.


An evening at the Hollywood Bowl

Fire on the mountains near Burbank--too close for comfort.

My 75th starts!!!  A pedi/mani thanks to Jess and Maddie:



Maddie's sparkling toes.

A most amazing birthday cake made by Sam with marshmallow in the frosting.

Very delicious.

Julie gives me a 75th birthday bash at her house:


Sam and Jess,

the M's,

Maddie serving appetizers---

Spencer and Theo,


enjoying the Woodward's gracious hospitality.


The cake--overflowing with flowers!

Thanks to

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Page Kender Visit to Chocorua

I raced back from Maine to meet Sam and Jess and the kiddos who were coming up from visiting friends in Rhode Island.

 Their's was a short 5-day stay but packed with fun things:

Canoeing, of course, and picking water lilies.


Jess' parents came to visit too and
 we all went to dinner at Dale's charming barn eatery then to see "The Ghost Train" at the Barnstormers.
Front row seats and so scary that Maddie hid under her hood much of the time.  But fun! 

Afterwards Sam and the kids went backstage to see how the sound effects were made--effects he'd worked on when he was a teenager working at the Barnstormers.

Maddie got an autograph (her first) from our friend Jean Coulter Brown who was one of the actors.


A very slippery slip and slide.

Max on the piano
(I still don't know how to make a movie work on my blog).


Jess and Maddie setting off for a walk to Heron Pond but turning back almost immediately because of  millions of ravenous mosquitoes. 
 (I tried the walk two weeks later and the same thing happened...never seen them so bad!). 

Monkey Trunks:  Getting geared up,


traversing on a wobbly rope,

getting higher and higher and crossing on very teetery planks,

then the fun part--the zip line.


Picnic on top of Black Cap.


at Black's.

A cozy evening watching "The Wizard of Oz."