Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busy Weekend

Weekends in Burbank start out with a big shopping expedition in a very big shopping cart--Maddie driving, Max supervising the checkout machine (seems like Max loves machines as much as Sam did when he was that age).

Then a delicious lunch at a familiar place--Senior Fish.

After which Sam and Jess left for a well-deserved night off--to go to a wedding in Malibu. Theo and Toby babysat - for, it turns out, two very sweet and well-behaved kids. Here we are Sunday morning, just waking up and relaxing with bottles of milk.
Arriving in Burbank

After a long flight from Manchester, NH to Burbank, Toby and I were first greeted by this artistic pile of sticks--we were happy to see that Maddie still loves collecting sticks!

Maddie lost no time in trying on Toby's sneakers

and Max in showing us his one-handed standing up skills.

The parents snuggling with the kids...

Going to Chocorua...

Last Tuesday three totally loaded Volvos made their way to New Hampshire for the summer,

with the help of Chee Heng (and Tulip).

Monday, June 21, 2010

Various Barrington Scenes

June has been beautiful here--green and lush outside.
Inside, we've been busy with various activities:

Giving small dinner parties especially enjoyed by Tulip who likes to help with the dishes.

Eating well at book group before discussing Flannery O'Connor's chilling novel Wise Blood.

Toby at the Kreiger's house,

Theo sharing space with Tulip while painting a chair,

and Chee Heng's whimsical new business cards for Theo's painted furniture.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Memory Lane, cont.

Francie, Linda and I drove down to Long Island to visit places where we used to live....

our old house in Roslyn Estates--slight changes to it but really quite the same. We were amazed that the tall oaks were still there--even taller!

To the village of Roslyn--the old clock tower and the almost equally old movie theater.

To the Creek Club in Locust Valley where we spent many a summer's day swimming and lolling around. These life guards even remembered us (well--they remembered our parents).

A visit to Mom and Dad's graves where we laid some flowers.

Then out to Southampton (instead of Point O'Woods--there were dire storm warnings that day, so we stayed on the mainland) where we were drawn to this amazing vegetable truck in front of the grocery store...

the front hood was planted with little plastic seedlings.

Of course we had to have our pictures taken in front of it.

The next day, Linda departed for upstate New York, Francie and I took the ferry over to Connecticut. Toby and Tulip were glad to see us back in Barrington.
Francie flew home to Georgia the next day.

All in all, a fine week of being together!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sisters and Sister-In-Law

Last week, Francie flew from Jacksonville to Providence, was met at the airport by Theo and both drove to Port Henry, NY, to meet Linda.
Thus began a week of reunion, roaming, memories, and almost constant chatter.

Linda and Jeff's house, high on a cliff overlooking Lake Champlain, is cozy and full of Linda's fabulous art.

Lou and Jeff, cozy too!

Linda showed us one of her color-filled murals--this one in a storefront in the
hilly town of Port Henry.

We visited Camp Dudley on the shores of Lake Champlain--where Spencer and Faber Kelly went during the summers--great rocks and an O-mouthed totem pole.

Friends had a farm with goats and this hotel for chickens.

We climbed Coon Mountain,

Francie every inch the calm, cool mountaineer.

The requisite summit photos.

Linda contemplating an extremely decadent chocolate cupcake: to eat it or not?
(We ate it.)

We jabbered the whole way, the whole time, the whole week.
We had years to catch up on.