Saturday, September 26, 2015

Carol and Katie, storytelling buddies, and Katie's grand daughter Zika came up last week for a few days of painting together, lots of talk and lots of laughter.  I loved it--Toby too.  Zika whisked through  many projects (including a large bookcase) while the rest of us labored over small details.  Such is youth!
And some of my painting projects so far: 
 frames waiting for mirrors to be installed.
And a carved, fun chair I got at a yard sale waiting for this needle point I found at the local antique barn to be put on.  An experiment--it's on now, maybe it works and maybe it doesn't--just have to live with it for a while to see.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

As August Winds Down....

We traveled to Maine to visit the Harrises on Mt. Desert Island and then to Bangor for my annual birthday bash, thanks to Christina!

My very oldest friend, Annie Wadsworth Moody, met us at Christina's for a birthday lunch.

Christina, otherwise a strong pacifist, showed us how she keeps Gwen, her giant cat, from sneaking up on helpless little birds.

Once back in Chocorua, we got a visit from John and Amelia Kender, and their hopeful black Scottie watching John barbeque marinated chicken which Amelia had prepared.  Hmmm--very wonderful guests, all three.

Chocorua heads into the fall:  chipmunk scarfing down munchies on our porch chair. 
Cheeky little guy!

Wild turkey crossing the lawn.

Princess Lea chomping down the ever-grapeless grape vine under the oak tree,

and a calm evening on Chocorua Lake.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

We met at Gerry's near Cape Cod this August--enjoying an early morning coffee together.
Good stories and times together, then the requisite dress-up night, with glamorous ladies,
elegant gents,
and a top-hatted Stefan
Next morning we prepared for Jay's surprise birthday party--many, many balloons.
Walking to the water
for an early swim with balloons. 

 Group photo

and then breakfast before preparing to tell stories for the day.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

More Mountains and a Birthday


Climbing Chocorua:
David and Rachel, Tom and Clarice. Kathy took the picture.

They went up Chocorua on a beautiful day. 

Clarice on the summit looking down on Chocorua Lake.

Back at home, there was a goat walk (the goats: Princess Lea and Chewbacca) to Heron Pond accompanied by more Star Wars figures:  Julie as Princess Lea, Gwen and Simon as Jedi warriors, Toby as Chewbacca.  The Force went with them.

Next day, a much smaller hike up Foss Mountain for an evening picnic.

The gang:  Andy and Julie, Toby, Kathy in the purple jacket, Clarice and Tom. Behind are Gwen, Bella, Simon and Rachel.
Kids playing on the rocks with Silver Lake in the background. 


Finally, an early celebration of my 73rd.

About to blow out the candles with a sweet smile from Gwen.

 The Panama group went home at the end of the week.  
We miss them--it was a great month with family here.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Summer is Full of Activities!!
A late afternoon swim and picnic at Silver Lake with Rachel, David and the kids, Julie and her clan, Alan and Doreen.
Julie, Toby and I watching the swimmers.
Gwen putting on a play with Bella (in the barn),
Gwen and Simon discovering Black's Variety Store in Wolfeboro--an instant hit.  We got there twice in a week.
Scaling the rocky wall with Clarice that Ned made at Rachel and David's place. 
Riding home in the rental truck Tom got to bring the great great grandfather's desk to Rachel and David's.
Alan's 80th birthday gala at a delicious Japanese restaurant in Newburyport.  Many Reynolds, Wards, Weils, Diebolds, Pages and others attended. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Black Cap

Our first real hike of the summer!

Up a root-y trail with great views at the top.


scrambling on rocks,

hiking back down,

and yummy ice cream at the bottom.