Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Swing State
New Hampshire being a small, but maybe important, swing state in the upcoming election, Toby and I decided to help Obama by canvassing potential voters in the area.
We found out lots of things:

That most people have horses or chickens and, most certainly, dogs.

That, unlike Barrington, it takes about 6 hours to go to 40 houses because the driving distances between places is huge. 
 This little cabin was way up a mountainside and, of course, like most of our stops, no one was home.

That  there are some spectacular places around here,

And everyplace has a fabulous view (but none has a doorbell).

That some people, like Tom, will stubbornly vote for Romney even though he desperately needs health insurance.  He does make beautiful saddles.

That even the vet who lives here (where everything is black and white, including the cows) and knows how important health care is, isn't sure who to vote for.
We finished with these thoughts:
We don't know which way NH will go;
the people here are really nice; 
we need to cut for our view.


If only the Republicans and Democrats could get along as easily as these guys.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

This Week


I attended a shower in Boston for baby Rubin, due soon now-October 28th!  Proud, hopeful, expectant parents and grand parents.

The milkweed has bloomed and is busily distributing it's seeds.

 Toby's grass is incredibly green and gorgeously thick.

Tulip is feeling better due to cooler weather and a new diet. Love this rug against her black and grey coat.  We re-arranged the kitchen area so we could better bask in the warmth of the wood stove which Toby dutifully lights up almost every morning now.  It's heaven to come down to a cozy kitchen and sip my coffee in front of a blazing fire in the stove.

Monday, October 15, 2012

October Projects
Toby and I have been doing outdoor work this month--with help from a friend,  Ned.


Ned regraded the parking lot, put in logs to make it level.

Toby reseeded the grass here, moved the gate.


I've been making steps out of stone.


This melon's own project: arising spontaneously from the compost heap.

Sweet ladders found leaning against the barn.

My colorful rubbers in the wet grass.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Over the Columbus Day Weekend the Tamworth Art Gallery opened under a new name (Artworks) and in a new location (on Rte. 16 just south of Chocorua village).

It's now in an old but beautifully refinished farmhouse, lots more space and light.  Many people came--there's Alan Phenix who's silver jewelry is on display.

Among other things, I put in this child's chair.
And Myles--one of the two people behind this gallery and gala--with stacks of good food.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

October Surprises

Biggest surprise (which I didn't get a photo of) was seeing a feral-looking, boldly stripped cat with a short, curled tail crossing the lawn the other morning.  Not Jackson, our neighbor's wily cat, but a wild bobcat!  First ever seen by us.
Toby's been seeding a part of the lawn this last week and discovered this little creature--a small and very shiny salamander.

Finally, finally after waiting all summer, one absolutely gorgeous, rose-red dahlia blossomed.  Others are on the way--but will they make it before a deep frost?  I have to figure out some way to encourage these dahlias to bloom earlier.  Happy to report that this is the only mouse we've seen in the house for several months!