Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Visits and Visitors
Wyatt Berrier came by on his way around the world--flattered ours was one of his stops!
Stopped by Sam's to see the how the work on the backyard pergola was coming--major machinery 
and a dumpster load of concrete and dirt. 

Jess's folks over for dinner at the start of their Burbank weekend.
Theo and Toby visiting the Harrises in Berkeley after a stay-over in Carmel to deliver Theo's painted desk to a gallery.  Here, Toby, Steffi and Steffi's grandson Imari on a rainy walk.
Ice cream at Baskin Robbins--the M's in the bubblegum chairs.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

 The Desk

Finally finished painting the desk

and will deliver it to a little funky gallery in Carmel Valley this weekend.

The owner of the gallery wrote today, asking if the back was finished, in case the desk had to stand away from a wall.

It was--ahem--by Maddie and Max, brilliantly--and with words!  But I'd painted that out (sigh--because they did it so well)!  So I quickly painted a few quick vines and circles on the back,very non-descript, feeling that the M's artwork had been far superior.  Bummer.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Magnolia Boulevard-Part 1
Magnolia's my favorite street in Burbank, maybe in all of LA. 
Here's one reason why:  Halloween Town, the costume store where you can find everything

like Minon hats,


...shouldn't, but we do try on the hats.

No playing with the weapons, although it might be fun.



 vamps, but..

We do open the packages--you have to to see what you're getting!

 Can't try them on--we would if we could but they're behind the counter.

Celebrity masks,


animal masks

and octopus fingers--which we try on as we're leaving.

 Love it even if we don't obey the rules.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Family Park Day
A bit of soccer,
sliding (Jess with Elizabeth Leonhardt),

and standing.

Very cozy family.