Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sushi and Lou
Before Lou came, we went with Sam and fam to a sushi place in Pasadena, one of the few places there that hasn't been "yuppi-ized--it's been there since we lived in Pasadena 30 years ago.
The coolness of it is that various forms of sushi float by on little boats in an oval moot on the counter in front of the diners. You simply reach out and take what looks good.  
Max and Sam really eating it up.
Maddie and Jess communing.
Then Linda's fun visit--out for a Mexican lunch
and relaxing under Lea's tyvek painting. 
Max and Jess playing the game Linda gave the kids--with Max the winner.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lou's  Visit
Linda came last week--visited us for a few fun and busy days.
She suggested that there ought to be a mural on this backyard wall  (I concurred)
and got right to it--
primer first,
then circles and  leaves,
and more circles, borders and designs, some after she left but still not done. Kudos to Toby for suggesting the purple border.
Great to have Lou and her fabulous ENERGY here!!!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Father Daughter Dance '15
Saturday night Maddie's Daisy troop held their annual father/daughter dance.  The theme was "cowboys."


So here's the sassy set prepared to eat out first then dance the night away.


Meanwhile Jess, Max, Toby and I went to Benihana's for dinner.

The chef's skills awed our Max.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Toby watching Max play a very strange game on the I Pad.  A goat wanders everywhere, crashing into things and people, always trotting on, escaping one calamity after another.  But Maddie comforts us with "he never dies."

The men sort of watching Maddie's gymnastics.
The girls--Izzy, Maddie and Ellie--watching Superbowl halftime.
 Sam and Jess watching me take a so-so photo at a very good dinner at a great vegan restaurant. Strawberries, balsamic and arugula in the foreground.