Monday, July 29, 2013

The Mountains
are amazing and gorgeous in Panama
This is the view from our room on Monday night when we left the beach 
and went to a lovely inn several hours away and up a windy, rutty road.  David is a fearless and intrepid driver!
The kids though preferred looking at other things.

Early morning hammocking on the patio outside Rachel and David's room.
A little shuffleboard for Si.

Tree climbing for Gwen.

And hiking down to see this waterfall nearby. 
It amazes me how diverse the landscapes of Panama are. And lovely.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Las Sirenas
We went to a beautiful beach,  
 several hours from Gamboa, where we spent last Sunday night.  
One of our cottages is in the background. 

Difficult to remove diapers in the surf.
Horseback rides for the kiddos both on one horse
then Gwen alone
and Simon with Clarice.

 Beach running

Big boy Simon!

Friday, July 19, 2013

We arrived--with huge hugs from Rachel and Gwen
and greetings from Clarice.  She's made a big hit here in Gamboa--so much so that the team she's working with (a sleep study with bees and bats) is almost hourly begging her to stay on for a few more weeks and to definitely come back next summer. Not to mention that Rachel, David, Gwen and Simon adore having her here.

Another sweet hug from Gwen at our cozy B&B just up the street from Rachel and David.
Simon's way of beating the heat--although truly it was hotter and muggier in Chocorua when we left than it is here.
Tour of the new house--photos of the grandparent apartment
and the outdoor kitchen next to it
plus the not-yet-finished deck.  It's all 
getting pretty wonderful.
Oh yes--the turquoise walled bathroom where some of Lou's animal tiles will go.
Dinner last night in the old quarter of Panama City
which is really very romantic.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Storytelling This Weekend

was at Gerry's near the Cape.
Stefan bought his fancy expresso machine from NYC and handed us a cup as soon as we emerged in the morning. Did I love that!

We dance

before we eat breakfast.


 Settling down to play.  Jay--leading us into the imaginative.

Saturday's a dress-up night.
The theme this time was "The Great Gatsby"


So lots of fancy thugs around,

and glitzy girls,


 a fancy meal

And a bit of exuberance.
It's a great group--21 years together!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Scenes from Early July

Very hot, very rainy weather
but the garden is loving it.
First Tiger Lily--my favorite--now there are tons.
First Chantarelle--found by Toby. 
A deer--spotted this am between the apple trees.
Visitors over the 4th--Sarah and Alan and the Eritreans.


The mountain view.

Visitor for Tulip too-Rain, Sarah and Alan's dog.

Very surprised to find these trunks for sale in Tamworth, all cleaned up, that we'd tossed into the dump the week before!