Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Season Heats Up
as the Page Bethels arrive from Panama on Wednesday. 

We all head down to Disneyland on Friday afternoon--
Simon who doesn't love but ADORES small Legos stands in front of a very big small Lego Hulk at Disneyland.
A bit of nighttime ice skating for the tropical Pages.
Girls posing in front of "Frozen"
 before we head into the park on Saturday

Excited kids between rides. 
 Disneyland was exceptionally crowded but super exceptionally fun.
Back in Burbank, cousins playing
and I-Padding--a favorite activity. 
Lunch at Sushi A-Float in Pasadena.  
Little boats filled with different sushis float past you and you grab what you like.
More ice skating in Burbank,
Cousins together spending the night at our house while the parents take the evening off--evening pizza and watching "The Good Dinosaur."

The early morning IPad Buddha.
 Lots of activities -- lots of fun.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Parties and Preparations
The Page/Kender outside lights going up--Sam on the roof, Maddie too!
Decorating the little tree

and the big one.

Rudolph Christmas cookies!

At Toby's Memory Mornings program at the Alzheimer Assoc. in LA--singing along with members of the LA Opera--pretty wonderful!!

That Elf--sneaky guy and constantly on the move.


Monday, December 7, 2015

Getting ready -- Maddie with her new shiny black heels!
 Max in his spiffy Irish sweater--
 to go to San Clemente for a Thanksgiving feast with Jess' brother Wills, his wife Ali, and her parents.
And to the beach afterwards--
the M's collecting kelp along the shoreline.
In faraway Gamboa, Gwen holds Nibbles, the rabbit, in the early morning sunlight.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

 November Visitors

Lea and Carl, down from Palo Alto, staying in the studio, early morning coffee with Lea.
Linda and Jess, out from New York, here to dinner with Spencer and Faber and the Page/Kenders. 

Max and Maddie, art in the studio after an overnight.