Thursday, October 27, 2016

Several weekends ago we all went to San Juan Capistrano and to the petting zoo, Zoomars.
Toby and I first visited the goats
then into the guinea pig pen where Maddie spent most of her time,
and Max too before exploring areas:  pumpkins, corn cribs, rock areas.
Warning:  don't hold any one guinea pig too long or this will happen!
Tired but happy kids on the ride home.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Back to Burbank!
Toby and I arrived here on October 1st, sorry to leave Chocorua but so glad to see the family here:
Finding that Sam is near completion on his amazing outdoor structure,
Not surprised that the M's are still loving rainbow ice cream at Baskin Robbins--where we also got free pumpkins!
Touched that they came for a sleep-over the next weekend and wanted to repeat all the usual's:  Pizza for dinner, the Lego Movie (which we've watched so many times that they I-Padded during most of it, but I was still engrossed, Mr. Little books at bedtimes, choc.chip and regular pancakes for breakfast, and art in the studio).
New Things:
Toby in his 6-bed board and care home just up the street from our house here. Big, big, BIG change for both of us.  I was surprised and pleased to find that he likes it there.
I've taken my paints over to paint furniture on the patio while he watches and we listen to music.  I see him almost every day.
Taking him to watch Max's soccer practice.
Lea down from Palo Alto--giving Toby a hello hug.
My big splurge:  a Water Rower
Set up in our living room--smooth to row on--good exercise--and from Warren, Rhode Island (just next to Barrington) where they know how to make boats.  As David wrote:
"I love the idea of you rowing on a Rhode Island rower with the sounds of the water--in your living room in the California desert!"