Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wonderful Little Trip to Carmel
After New Year's, the Page Bethel's and the T's drove up to Carmel for two nights.
Jolly trip in a large rental car with David driving, stopping in Carmel Valley Village to drop off a "Theo" painted table at a local gallery.
Kids telescoping the bay at the Monterrey Aquarium.  Theo and Toby stayed in Carmel nursing his cold, but got to stroll a bit the fun, little Carmel streets.
The next day and Toby better, walking the beach in Carmel. 

the windy cliffs of Point Lobos,
looking down at the seals. 
Lunch at Nepenthe, the restaurant started by the parents of Kaffee Fassett, an artist who I've followed for years and a place I've always wanted to visit..and I finally did!
Then the drive home on Rte.1, long but lovely.
And a great two-day get-away for us all.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fun Holiday Shots


Sam's very decorated birthday cake.


Crowd-watching event at Sam's 39th.

Watching the Disneyland Parade


Car riding and being silly. 

IPad watching and being serious.

Ice skating:  Some steady

and some not.

 Silly fun,

serious Santa fun.
 Loving those margaritas.
Loving it all.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Post Christmas Activities
Before Sam and fam went east to see the Kender clan in New Jersey
 both families got to see the making of the Burbank float for the Rose Bowl Parade
including that iconic Sponge Bob, who was born in Burbank.
The PK's off to the east, the PB's picnicked in a park,

explored the LA Air and Space Museum (that's Gwen and Simon posing on the moon),

and, with the T's, admired the cacti

at the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena.

When Sam and clan returned and just before Rachel and clan left for Panama there was time for a Sibs' and Spouses' night out.  
Grand kids spent the night with us, wrapped up and raptly watching Power Rangers.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Events Leading Up to Christmas...
Celebrating Sam's 39th
with many eager present openers.
Christmas Eve visit from Spencer and Faber
who came with lots of wonderful gifts for the kiddos.

Christmas in Burbank
Formal pose:  Kiddos in matching pj's on Christmas morning.
Breakout pose. 
Parent paparazzi
Lunch at the Chinese restaurant after a morning of Sam's crazy yummy cinnamon rolls, stockings, and seemingly endless present opening.
Afternoon break to see Star Wars--boys with 3-D glasses.
Then back to Sam and Jess's for the traditional chicken paprika-sh and spaetzle.