Monday, March 31, 2014

The M's for the Night
with a new twist--
using Maddie's little China tea set at breakfast.

We tried out our English accents
while we sipped OJ from the tiny teacups,
although Max decided drinking directly out of the teapot might be better.
Soon it was out into the studio where there was a lion cub in the hammock!
Maddie decorated a cardboard house and made clay people to go inside.
Later, suitcase packed, Max waits for Sam by the roadside.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Maddie's 6th!

 Can't believe she's 6 already--our Maddie!


The birthday weekend started with the Saturday am walk to gymnastics

and Max making the cake--all vanilla, Maddie's favorite.. 

blowing out the candles.

Some happy down-time with her end-of-the-bed wake-up present from the Panama crew.

On Sunday it was the big party in the park with face painting,


bubble blowing with Adam and Jess' daughter Greta Wren,

a fancy, pretty goopy, fairly yummy butterfly cake!


 Serious climbing on the challenging spider-web.
Party ended, happy people, lovely day.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Just Got Back from Traveling Up North

Not that far north (5-6 hours?)--our first stop was Carmel where I had a tip about a gallery that might sell my furniture.  And maybe they will!
We stayed in a wonderful inn in Carmel and here's Toby at dinner.

Then on to Palo Alto to see the Feinsteins

and gather some of Woody's feathers to bring back to Maddie.

Lea's huge studio and her new paintings--crinkled and whirled painted Tyvek that looks a lot like fabric--reminding me of the paper artistry in the windows of Koi.

And a fine dinner with our old Caltech friends:  the Ferejohns, the Nolls, and the Fiorinas.

Monday, March 10, 2014

More Visits
From Maddie and Max--another good overnight. TV while eating pancakes.
To Maddie's school for an In-N-Out Burger fest where this photo was taken of her with her #1, Gilbert.
From good old friends (since Nader days) Andrea Hricko and her husband John Froines,
and a glass of wine in the backyard with Sam and Jess and Rhode Islander Kerri Ulluchi who was out in LA for a conference. 


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Visits and Such
Several Sundays ago we hosted a "cousins" brunch here:  Dave and Julie Allen were in town from Anaconda, WA, to visit kids and grand kids.  And we were reunited with (after years) our LA cousin, Susan Hersh Knox and her husband Bob.  
Next, a visit to Toby's old Peace Corps friends Herb and Suzanne Siegel who live quite near us in the Mt. Washington area.  Lots of movie discussion with their son Thomas.
Think I've forgotten to mention the Page/Kender faithful retainer Oscar.  He takes advantage of sunny chairs when no one's home, then escapes to security behind Sam and Jess' bed when small people are about--although, I have to say, he's gotten quite friendly lately and I love having a 4-legged creature to pat.
More Koi window shots.
Wish this designer would make a book out of her creations.