Friday, October 22, 2010


Last weekend Toby and I drove to Bangor to visit Christina in her swanky new apartment.

She's just moved in, with, of course, the help of Gwendolyn,
self-appointed to examine open boxes.

Nearby, there's a nice trail with gnarly old pines and this reservoir.

The leaves were gorgeous, the sky bright October blue.
We decided we looked pretty good in our colors: green, turquoise and orange.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Our friends the Siegels and their friends came to visit us in Chocorua last week.

Our last walk to Heron Pond for the season.

The red leaves looked like Christmas decorations on the pine trees.

Tulip and her sometimes friend Chaz (Alan Phenix's dog) during a rare compatible moment.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Earlier this summer, we wondered about the willow tree out front and thought maybe we'd let it decide it's future. The willow still stands, but another tree has done the deciding for itself.

Out back, this tree gave up one of its big rotten limbs during a wind storm. We'd been worrying about this tree, even made an alternative path to the lake to avoid it,

but, unfortunately, didn't think it would come down on the very back side of Thad's tractor.

Fall's Coming:

the air is crisper, the wind windier, the leaves starting to turn...

and my dahlias are just starting to bloom--this one in a planter on the porch! Wish I'd planted them earlier in the spring--something to remember for next year.

Tulip surveys the yard from her perch on the kitchen couch, closely watching

a turkey meandering across the lawn.
A sure sign of fall.