Saturday, January 31, 2015

We were wowed by Sam and Jess' super incredible dentist here (recommended to them by Julie Woodward).

Toby had a cavitiy, needed a new crown.  Always a hated procedure.
But--it was so gentle!  First they placed a tension-relieving pillow behind his shoulders, tuned the TV to relaxing landscape videos, gave him earphones with restful music, and a little aroma therapy to totally unstress him.

The dentist worked quickly and carefully, the nurse kindly explaining each step. And when it came time to make a mold for the crown, instead of having to bite down on that old jelly-like clay to make an impression, they wheeled in a 3-D scanner, took quick multiple photos, and told him to come back in two weeks.
Pretty impressive!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday Night Ms'
Seems to be a routine now for the Saturday nights Max and Maddie spend over here.
Arrival about 5pm--suitcases have gradually gotten smaller, now only one LLBean bag with clothes, toothbrushes and stuffed animals.
Right away it's into pizza dinner and a viewing of the Lego movie--every time, but I love it.
Next morning pancakes and wrapping up warm to watch "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" or "Mutter" and his trucks.
Then ping pong, a new activity since Toby got the net and balls for Christmas.
Always out to the studio for several hours of intense creativity--
here, painting piggy banks.
Asked if they'd want something different for dinner or breakfast or maybe a different movie, "No!!!"
Routine is nice.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Birthdays and Colors
Celebrating Jess' 39th.  Jess capturing a photo of a quite gooey pink heart-shaped cake,
and Steve's with many kiddos salivating over Marissa's purple-grey football-shaped cake.
Pink camelia from our backyard,
plus green parrots roosting in the pine next door.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Post Christmas Activities...
We practiced a shortened game of ping pong on the dining room table.

Ate out!
Kept Oscar in food while Sam and Jess and kids were away.
Got new hair styles:  mine shorter, Toby's longer--around the chin.


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Some Fine Gifts
given to us by our kids...
a photo album on us--many great shots, many great memories!
The cousins' calendar--with sweet summer photos of the gang together.
A bird feeder so much adored by the finches that all the food was gone in just over a day or two.  I think every finch within 5 miles was here feasting away.
Sam's memories of childhood--for Toby:
Skor's Bars which Toby would distribute once we'd reached the summit of Chocorua.
Ginger Beer and Creamy Red Birch Soda, old time favorites of Toby,
and Astronaut freeze-dried ice cream which Sam remembers from visiting the Boston Museum of Science as a boy.
Note:  Toby's eaten everything -- except the ice cream. 
And Maddie and Max's thoughtful "Taisie" book--all about what we like to do together.
On this page--what they'd give me when they become millionaires:  paints and chocolate!  They know my tastes well.

Thank you all!!!