Monday, January 27, 2014

817 N. Beachwood
Can't remember if I've posted a blog of our new house settled in, but here are some photos taken when Rachel and clan were here and afterwards:
The front (Max said he liked those red things at the windows),
a corner of the living room,
the study,
bathroom detail,  
Toby lounging on our bed,
 (disregard the top of the photo--I think I took it from outside and got a funny effect),
flowers on the table,

Gwen in the kitchen looking out to the backyard.

And outside,  facing the studio,
the little water pond (now filled with pebbles),
doorway to the studio,
and inside the studio.
In all, much recycled from Barrington, a lot from Ikea,a little scavenged, and it's still a work in progress.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Lots of fun activities
after the Page/Kenders left for New Jersey on Dec. 26th (although we missed them)...
we had a great hike in Wildwood Canyon, Simon zipping up the trail,
a flat area for our picnic overlooking downtown LA and Burbank,
where, amazingly, there was a decorated Christmas tree!
Toby and David examining western rocks,

and the descent down.
Parks, parks, 
and more parks.
An afternoon tea with Jim and Julie Woodward in our backyard (so good to see them again!),
A first into Toys 'R Us with Gwen and Simon. 
They were quite restrained considering the aisles upon aisles of temptation.
All dressed up, gorgeous kids and gorgeous family!
They went back to Gamboa on the 31st.  So sad to have you leave, but will see you in April in Panama.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Events After Christmas...
A day, I guess, after Christmas (time is getting a bit bungled here), the gang went to a fine park near the mountains in Burbank
for Toby and Theo to meet Erin's (she's a pre-K friend of Maddie's) grandparents who will be renting our little house from us while we're in Chocorua in the summer.  We liked them so much but it was the kids who stole the show.  They engulfed the park, seeking out every opportunity to swing, climb, jump, and scatter--faster than a rocket.  I tried to keep count of them but it was impossible.  What is it about kids and great parks?  Here are some of Rachel's action photos of them:
Simon with his devilish grin racing down the twisty slide,

Maddie acknowledging the photographer while balancing up high,
Max with his new, great spiky hair look, coolly checking out the terrain
Gwen confidently contemplating her ascent of the Matterhorn.
The victory hug after the ascent.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas continued...
Gradually the presents got unwrapped.  Sam in his new hockey shirt and Max in his (with his favorite King's player Jonathon Quick on the back).
Theo reading a book from Annie Moody.
We all went out for a Chinese lunch,
and later, Sam and Jess made their delicious schnitzel and chicken paprikash for dinner. 
Cousins together
and one conked out early.
A fine day.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

 Christmas Morning-at last!

Toby and I woke up extra early and walked the 4 blocks over to Sam and Jess' to be there in time to watch the grand kids open their stockings.
As would happen, those super excited kids slept extra late, so we waited quietly for almost an hour for festivities to begin.
And begin they did--the elves marched in
slightly disheveled and sleepy,
the coffee was brewed
and Sam's amazing cinnamon rolls were popped into the oven.
Then serious present opening started--a swinging chair for the Panama crew's deck,

the start of the cash register rivalry between Max and Simon,

 masks for Maddie and Simon,

girl discussion amusing David,
Taisie loving it all,
Toby wishing Christina a merry Christmas,
and the crew beginning to settle down.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Eve
First, a much better picture of Sam on his b'day on the 23rd.
Spencer and Faber Kelly join us for a Christmas Eve dinner at Sam and Jess'--really fun to see them again (they both look so much like their dad!).  Lots of good food and LA talk.
The stockings are put out for Santa
(Kender stockings quite a bit more stylish than the Page ones thanks to Jess' mom who made these).
And presents under the tree, also cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.
All quiets down for the night.