Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Being Six
means loosing teeth
and getting teeth!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Week of Many Activities
With Sam, Maddie and Max joining David, Rachel, Gwen Wren and Simon Orion (Jess had to leave after the weekend for work), we had a week full of interesting things:
Stomp Rocket, one of Max's b'day gifts,
real rockets, supplied by Sam
and shot off in the local middle school field,
remote controlled helicopter, also supplied by Sam,
insect and frog catching,
hair cutting,
water pistoling,
getting warm after swimming,

sparklers galore!
And bedtime stories.
Fun to be all together, to have days filled with interesting things to do.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Page Kenders Arrive!
And we're all here, at least for one night.  Jess had to travel back to California for work this last Monday.
But lots of activities were packed into the weekend:

First, the swing.

Simon's on-going use of blue tape (blue,as we well know now, is his favorite color) with John and Amelia Kender's patient dog.

Max gets into the blue mode with Graciela.
Maddie and Gwen into drawing,
A walk to Heron Pond with dogs, kids
and cameras.
Then the 2nd celebration of Max's 5th birthday.
Birthday boy in a "Kings are Champions" t-shirt and hat.
Fun, fun to be all together.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Page Bethels Arrived last Saturday from Panama 
Here for the month--very wonderful!!!
Into the lake and onto the raft
before dinner with happy sweet kids

and the 5th celebration of Gwen's 6th with an overwhelmingly purple cake.
A few afternoons later we went to "Touch the Trucks" in Tamworth while Gwen was at camp at Remick Farm up the street (Simon's in the green shirt).
We warned the truck guys that Simon had turned on all the possible buttons in the cab, shifted all the gears,  tried the seat belt, the horn, anything that moved.  They noticed he had gotten on the lights and would check everything else before driving off.  Simon was quite delighted with it all.
Then a picnic lunch on toadstools
and an afternoon swim--looking for lily pads in the lake.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Cog
Last Sunday Myles and Ned treated us to a fun and interesting trip on the Mt. Washington Cog Railway.
Ned particularly wanted to ride one of the steam trains that hugs the steep sides of Mt. Washington as it climbs to the top--much coal shoveled into the engine and lots of steam coming out of the smokestack (and onto us, the passengers).  The view was rocks and peaks, peaks and rocks, and some cairns.
Ned and Toby talk engines during our 20 minutes on the summit.
Ned. points out the last turn of the auto road to the top--a very steep area where many of the bicyclists who enter the "Ride to the Top" race get caught off guard, are exhausted, and have to push their bikes up the last little bit.  Tom Diebold--tell your friend Kathy to save some energy for this final stretch as she'll be doing the race in August.
Seemed like all the trees were slanted forward on the way up and this sign incredibly lopsided on the way down.  But in fact they all stood straight and we were at a crazy angle because of the steepness of the mountain.