Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Beautiful Savannah
Toby and I started our family reunion weekend by meeting the Panama crew in Savannah for a night, a city I'd always wanted to visit.  It is, indeed, lovely.
Our B&B cottage with breakfast on the patio.
Dinner at a nearby pub
with oldie time menus (on the wall behind us) that David especially liked.
Walking to a big park David remembered visiting a long time ago

where David and Gwen posed with mossy beards.
Spanish moss everywhere plus charming town houses, beautiful grill work, oyster shells used in the side walks, very serene with so little traffic. It all seemed so gracious. We loved it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My Providence Get-Away
Last week, Julie stayed with Toby here in Chocorua while I ventured down to Providence for a one night by-myself excursion.
I met Margot Rubin in the afternoon and we spent hours chatting, very lovely.
Then out to dinner with Margot and Lowell.
And, possibly best of all, a sweet B&B in the middle of Providence for the night--kind of blissful to have no responsibilities for a little while.  
On coming back to Chocorua, Toby was very fine, happy to be with Julie, glad to see me back.
Both of us better for the respite.  Maybe we need more get-aways like this!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Fourth on the Fifth
Our house was the site of the annual Chocorua Lake Conservancy (aka the CLA) family picnic.
All we had to do was clean up the barn, everyone else brought food, cooked burgers.  I did though make 100 chocolate chip cookies.
And then we had a wonderful visitor from the past:  Katie (now Kit) McLean came over from Sandwich where she was visiting her cousins.  She's living in Connecticut, studying to be a psychotherapist.  We sat on the dock for a long time talking, enjoying catching up on her family, she on ours.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Goats have come to live with us through the well-meaning intentions of some good-hearted women here:  Joanne (in the photo), Julie, Myles, and Jersey.

All thought Toby would enjoy them.  And he does--here he is at breakfast, looking out at them in their pen.
And these are very friendly old goats (10 years old), Chewbacca and Princess Leah.  They hate water but love to take walks with us.
We socialize with them by occasionally eating dinner in the backyard where they are free to eat leaves off of any tree or bush they desire.
But as we settled down to read the newspaper, they wanted more. They grabbed large sections of the Conway Daily Sun and devoured them right before our eyes.
Goats are shameless.