Monday, July 27, 2009

Theo and Toby headed south this weekend to New Haven to a party celebrating Ben and Christine's wedding this winter. Tulip headed south too, but to spend two nights with Chee Heng in Providence.

The party was great: many interesting people, friends of Ben's and Christine's and family, people coming from near and far. And there was fabulous food. Here, a friend of Ben's prepares a toxic fruit and vodka punch in his super powerful blender.

Christina, Alan, Tom, Toby, Christine, and a friend of the Diebolds gather around the food table outside.

Clarice played a lot of board games inside with the other kids, and made sure that Braiden, Ben and Christine's new pup, was happy and well-patted.

Sunday morning, we group up for a photo before departing for home.

We picked up Tulip, well cared for by Chee Heng, in Providence and drove back to Chocorua. Next weekend: story telling in Wareham, MA. Then Theo flies out to Burbank on August 5th to meet Max!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It can't be said enough: WELCOME MAX!

We love you, Theo, Toby and Tulip

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Mayo Square Dance

As you know, Toby and I drove to the Mayo Square Dance this last weekend (Tulip went to the kennels). It was a long drive, but a really nice event. The square dance was in an old barn at an Audobon Society near the Mayos. Dudley Laufman was the caller (remember him, Rachel and Sam, from Tamworth square dances?). The dancing was fun, the food good, and really nice people. Sunday morning Lyn and Geoff hosted a bbq pancake breakfast at their house and there was a sing-along. Toby and I left to drive back to Chocorua as they launched into what seemed to be a very long rendition of "Ravioli."

Bobby came over on Sunday morning.

Susie Speers drove all the way from Akron for the event.

Friday, July 17, 2009


We've been waiting for two things: Scrapper to arrive and our mail to get forwarded from Barrington. Scrapper seems on target, growing and kicking and making sure folks know he's there. The mail has been much more elusive--not a peep from it for the first three weeks here in spite of our submitting forwarding forms and calling and complaining. A week ago one lonely letter did get forwarded, then nothing until today when a pack of it came. I'm wondering if this isn't the post office's version of a mucus plug, coming out slowly and letting you know that more is on the way.


Toby's mowing the upper field, leaving wide swathes around the blueberry patches.
The blueberries are already ripe--and very tasty. I'll definitely pick some to freeze for later on.

Here's a new woodpile in the barn, up against the back wall, from a tree near the parking lot that Alan's been chopping up unto good lengths for the new wood stove.

It's hard to get this Thai Basil to grow with practically no sun.

As David predicted, Tulip found the red sofa-and picked her favorite frog out of her toy box.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chocorua After the Rain

Finally, a clear day after three weeks of rain.
Tulip watched as the water floated away her red saucer.

She decided to see where all that water was coming from.

She discovered that Toby had cleared an area behind the barn to show how bubbly and brisk the stream was.
Meanwhile, Theo was inside making sure there were enough colors and patterns in the new kitchen.