Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall has arrived in Chocorua with leaves turning and weather nippy.
After visiting Boston last week where I got a chance to see Linda, stay in Carol's magnificent barn, and have a museum-ing  two days with Leigh Sorenson, it was time to pack up, clean up, have dinners and teas with friends here, say farewell to the goats (who will go to Julie's yard), and prepare for returning to Burbank--eager to see the Page/Kender clan and friends there.
But early this morning, Toby and I walked down to the lake and discovered that the nifty railing Alan made for us at the beginning of the summer had come down--

 thanks to a voracious beaver who must have been gnawing all night!


Returning to the house, the rising sun on the trees in the meadow made a glorious picture. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Sarah and Alan coming up for the night from Newbury, hats on to sleep on the cold, cold sleeping porch.
Old friend Candis from Rhode Island visiting Lea in Maine.
A walk on the beach near Lea's house. Cold but wonderful and good to be with old friends.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Two weeks ago Simon and Rachel flew to Los Angeles to get the correct Rabies vaccine for Simon who might have, but might not have, been bitten by a rapid bat on the playground of his Gamboa school. 
 Because the necessary Immunoglobulin was nowhere to be had in Panama and they needed to act quickly, they took a night flight into LAX where Sam picked them up and got them to LA's Children's Hospital Emergency Room at 2am where the proper shots were administered--Simon being very brave throughout the whole process.
Highlight of an otherwise difficult journey was being with Maddie and Max, Sam and Jess--lots of play time together and lots of Lego's for the kids, even a dinner out for the grown-ups.  Good to have each other.
Simon watering our poor lawn in Burbank, but the little lemon tree is bouncing back to life because of that.  Thanks Simon!
A little bouncing himself--on our bed.
After the last shot tomorrow, Rachel and Simon will fly back to Panama and to David and Gwen, patiently waiting for them and missing them.   Brave souls all.