Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Couple of weekends ago Sam and Jess, the M's, Jess' mom and I went to Legoland--which was
FULL of Legos, as you can imagine.
Just one example--an armored suit built out of Legos,
Legos even in the swimming pool.
It was all a blast--loved it, but glad I didn't go on this ride!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The America I Want
When I was watching Maddie and Max's school Halloween parade in Burbank last week, I realized that standing in front of me were parents representing the mix that constitutes America: several African Americans, an Asian, a Latino, and a Muslim woman in a hijab.  Behind me was a white guy on a ladder.  All were there for their children, and that mix of kids was marching around the circle together, totally happy together. 
This is what I want America to be.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween in Burbank and Gamboa
In Burbank, the Edison Elementary School Costume Parade the morning of Oct. 31st,
our two Pokemon characters (costumes made by Amelia):  
Maddie's behind the hot dog.

Maddie as Pikachu
Max as Lucario
Lucario with a newly missing front tooth! 
Lucario and class portrait.

The great Halloween haul.

Halloween eve in Gamboa.
At Gwen and Simon's Gamboa Discovery School, Captain Fasma, an Ewok, and Princess Leia, the "most creative parent-child combo."
Quite creative goodies:  

Wonder how tasty a bat brownie is? 

David--scariest of all.

Trump in Gamboa???!!!