Sunday, September 29, 2013

Thursday with Gwen and Simon

After breakfast, where Simon loves eating the butter off of his "toasties"

and he and Gwen have swabbed and thoroughly cleaned the shower

and we've found a nice stone to mark where sweet Tulip's ashes are,
Rachel and David take off for a day in Boston together.

Toby and I are in charge--first, the park,

then ice cream with sprinkles,

then--after a quick trip to Carter's for kids' clothing, Gwen swings in her new party dress.
For us, a blissful day with grand kids.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

More Adventures in Chocorua
Finding this nice brown horse behind Artworks, the art and craft store on Rte.16. He gladly took apples from the kids, then sneezed all over us.
Christina paid us all a quick visit on Sunday night--and enchanted the kids with her reading.  She does have a knack for engaging the little ones--I wanted to sit down and listen too.
Getting stuff out of the barn.  Monday morning the movers came to take some of our Barrington furniture to Burbank, and Rachel attacked her many boxes of things that had been in the attic in Barrington since high school and college days.  Much progress was made.
David getting his turn to try and budge the Madison erratic boulder.
(Here's Max trying in August).

A lot easier to pose for group shots

under the boulder.

Then a slightly chilly picnic at Sabbaday Falls.
The leaves are changing--fall's here.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

They've Arrived!
The Page/Bethels to Chocorua--
in time for weather warm enough to try out the lake,
but cold enough to wrap up while sipping the botella.
Cozy-ing up with Sweet Pickles,

finding small seats in 
in various places,

and petting dogs at the dog park.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sweet Tulip
Here's an array of photos from her active life!  Just past midnight last night Toby and I had to have her put down--she was not well.  At 16 years old (plus a few months) she was still still a fabulously elegant dog and wonderfully loyal friend. 
Lots of photos--I'm not exactly sure where or when each was taken, but here, hiking in New Mexico where David lived for a while.

Being silly on the beach in Oregon (or maybe this is California).
An early shot--on a hike with Rachel.
Taking an early morning beach walk in Barrington.

Frisking in the snow in Chocorua.
Chasing away the bear (this was only a few years ago)!

In the montains.
Then,, of course, Tulip with her toys.
Trying to get the frisbee away from me--this is at David's, near Silver City, New Mexico.
The herder in her--looking for her flock in Chocorua.
Tulip enjoyed her comforts--

sharing a nap with David in New Mexico,
finding a small space between Sam and Toby in Barrington,
climbing up on my chair while I painted in my studio.

She's a part of the wedding portrait on Rachel and David's actual wedding day in Chocorua in 2006.
She wove herself into all our lives and our adventures and was just starting on the next generation--Gwen and Simon, Maddie and Max.  We all loved her so, sweet, sweet dog.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Homage to Ned!

The day after my birthday Toby, Christina and I drove up to Machias to see Ned Eldredge, a friend from Chocorua who has built, all by himself, a fantastic house on the coast of Maine.

He used glass blocks for walls to let in the light,

crafted a set of these chairs for his dining room table,

built a shallow brick fireplace that gets heat into the room, not up the chimney,

used copper pipes for railings.

Everywhere we turned there were beautiful innovative details.


Looking out from his yard to the water,

and then to the giant workshop--his workbench

with a grid to catch sawdust,

wood drying on the second floor,

the boat he hopes to sail around the world in (really Ned?),

and more bits of artistry.
We were amazed at all we saw and, Toby and I, very pleased that we'd asked Ned to make a dining room table for us to take to our house in Burbank!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Week of the 28th
Sorry for the blurriness of this photo.  I know you can't actually make out anything that's going on, I couldn't get my camera out fast enough--but that's Toby getting an award from the Chocorua Lake Association at their annual meeting for all he's done to preserve lake quality and putting the term "watershed" into the minds of the people here-abouts.
  Yeah Toby!!!
Then we were off to Maine for visits.  First to the Harris's on Mt. Desert Island.  Their household consists of Bob, Steffi and 3 very rambunctious golden retrievers.  I was tired just watching them (the dogs) weaving in and out of the woods and diving in and out of the water, but they were wonderful.
Next on to Christina's in Bangor.  Got to have lunch with my oldest friend Annie Moody (since she was 5 months, me 3 ), reminiscing on old times, wondering about new.
And trusty Toby and Christina, lighting the candles on a delicious Christina-made cake for my 71st.  
Thanks so much guys!!!