Thursday, September 30, 2010

California Reunions

Last weekend was a big one for reunions for me....

First, the Ivory Coast, Togo, Guinea Peace Corps Reunion held in Ventura, CA. We all trained together at Oberlin College 45 years ago and mostly haven't seen each other since leaving the Peace Corps in 1966. Very amazing though how easy it was to come together again--lots of stories to tell and memories to go over--once we recognized each other (thanks to name tags)!!

Especially nice for me was to meet up again with Lyn Frohnmeyer, my Ivory Coast town mate, and Nadine Reed who I shared a room with during training.

Here's a proud Peace Corps Ghana volunteer wearing the splendid traditional Kente cloth.

Lyn, Nadine and I got to continue conversations while kayaking the next day in the Pacific.

At the end of the weekend, I flew up to San Francisco to visit with Lea--an INSTANT reunion, non-stop talk as soon as we met at the airport. I went with Lea while she mentored an art student--I love this photo of attentive student and teaching Lea.

But the in between reunion was the best of all--staying over in Burbank and getting to see Max and Maddie, Sam and Jess (not to mention the elusive cat Oscar). Maddie's giving Max a push on the go-cart as Sam cooks over the grill and Jess has, maybe, a little relaxing moment.

Thoughtful, very sweet grandkids and parents!

Monday, September 13, 2010

...continued Family Reunion

The reunion continued on into the week with Sam and Maddie arriving

plus Mickey Mouse.

The weather stayed nice so there were swims

and canoe rides,

and outdoor eating--al fresco, as Toby likes to say.

Baths at night, bubbles in the deep claw-foot tub.

And when it rained, we sat on the porch while the girls played--Gwen singing a "Shhh!" song

and Maddie grinning at her.

Sam and Maddie, Rachel, David and Gwen Wren all left at the end of the week.

Before they left, Rachel did get time to try on a part of Gwen's Halloween costume.

Then the house was VERY quiet and we felt sad--but, underneath, very happy to have good times together. Thank you all for coming!

Chocorua Reunion

Over this Labor Day weekend, we had lots of the extended Page family come for a belated celebration of Toby's 70th birthday.

We were lucky on the weather--warm enough even for the little ones to swim.

There were sports activities

and drawing activities

and the creation by the younger set of an amazing birthday cake, showing the lake at sunset, the moose Toby and Theo had seen a few mornings back, the house, the dock and the bridge. A fabulous artistic depiction but less than mouth-watering culinary accomplishment.

The grill was well used. Here Toby gets tips from Tom.

The most amazing surprise was to walk out on the lawn after dinner and see a neon camel sitting on the grass!

Because of tummy bugs, Jess and Max couldn't make it, but Sam and Maddie came on Monday and continued the fun and games, Sam showing how to make intriguing faces to a rapt audience.

There was a group photo on Sunday--the clan almost all there!