Saturday, February 27, 2010

Arriving in Burbank....

Toby and I got to Burbank last week, exchanging a huge snowstorm back east for some rain out here--not a bad trade. It's totally delightful to be with grand kids again--not to mention kids, and good friends.

We've had fun, busy days--going to the zoo, watching ducks.

Checking out the aquarium where you can almost touch these fish,

but never come close to those elusive pigeons.

There are the cozy times at home, reading aloud and checking out bristly hair.

Of course, mealtimes are always fun--

and often messy.

Best of all are the snuggle times with the fam in the evenings.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


My cozy sister Linda came to visit this week for a few days.

We had lots to catch up on the first night at dinner.

The next day Linda suggested that I try a new style--
long boots and short skirts. VOILA! I felt 20 years younger!

Crest Teeth Whiteners--another Lou suggestion--I'm going to try them.

Here's Linda, modeling the look.

There's no stopping sisters when they get together...

we went to stores where I'd placed my stools, kids' stores, department stores,
second hand stores, just about every kind of store.

In the morning Toby and Linda compared notes
about how to make their favorite breakfast, oatmeal.

Bye, bye Lou--it was so much fun. We'll do it again.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Movie Night

About once a month we've taken to going over to the Eritreans' new house for a potluck supper and what we call "movie night." They have a big screen TV and
on-demand movies--stuff that we don't. Sometimes they ask other friends and their kids.

Last Friday we watched an HBO movie about Temple Grandin.

Tulip LOVES these evenings, partly because she can sniff around a new kitchen and gobble up any tidbits of food,

but mostly because she gets such wonderful attention from Hiab and Senai and their friends.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Beach Walk

Some days Tulip and I get up early to take a walk on the beach.

This morning the sun was just rising
and it was only Tulip and me and our shadows.

Well, we did meet another dog on the way back--
he wanted to play but Tulip, at that point,
had other things on her mind..
coming home and

having breakfast.

Wait, Tulip, wait.


Strange thing in the backyard--
some seagull must have accidentally dropped this in the bushes.