Saturday, June 27, 2015

An Eventful Two Weeks in June

First, the surprise 50th birthday party for Tom, put on by his friend Katy at a lovely park in Poland Spring, Maine.

Tom walks in, totally unexpecting this gala.

And here he is, having taken it all in and discussing Toby's beard. 

Next, two old but very savvy goats are loaned to us, for us to enjoy and the grand kids to love.  But they are a frisky, wily duo:  Princess Leah (not shown) and Chewbacca who is cozying up to Toby.

Then this last week's amazing Supreme Court decisions on the Affordable Health Care Act and Marriage Equality, the taking down of the Confederate flag, and President Obama's eloquent eulogy for Reverend Clementa Pinckney in Charleston, SC. and Amazing Grace!  (Thanks Rachel Maddow for replaying the entire talk without interruption, no ads!).  I'm trying to absorb it all--it's a new era in this country.

And, hey, not to downplay that, but another occurrence:  today is Toby's and my 45th wedding anniversary!

Oops, wait--that's not us--just a lovely couple taking a stroll by the lake at Tom's b'day party.

This is us--not as glamorous but so glad to be here and together.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Julie stayed in our house here over the winter and spiffed it up ultra perfectly for our return:


So many details I loved coming upon:  these red containers for lotions and things in our bathroom with the red floor.

The utensils in perfect order in the kitchen (well-almost--this photo was taken a few days after we arrived--so we had time to mess up a bit).

Napkins neat and perfectly folded.

And pillowcases.

And, the most miraculous, Julie sorted and folded our enormous mess of sheets, labeled them and put them away 

all while sympathizing with the servants as she watched Downton Abbey.

Outside, Myles created her magic all around the house with flowers, vegetables, morning glories curling onto old willow branches.
Such a welcome home!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Gamboa Adventures
Our first was a very tasty gastronomic adventure:  a multi-course meal at a restaurant in Casco Viejo.
Then a boat ride on the Chagres River looking for birds,
where our captain let Simon take the helm--some excitement when our small captain couldn't see over the steering wheel to avoid an approaching post in the water.
Then a trip to Isla Grande, thwarted a bit by rain, but ending up in this lovely restaurant in Portobelo--Gwen and Alan checking out the water.
And, very exciting and finally, we finally got to see a sloth!  A very wet one hanging from the telephone wire over the road on the way back to Gamboa.
Additions to the Mudnut House.
And glamorous Gwen with flower in her hair.
Wonderful trip!  Wonderful to be there with the family.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Wildlife in Gamboa
Lots to see--right in Rachel and David's backyard:
This daredevil Geoffroy's Tamarin monkey prefers hummingbird food to bananas.
A Bufo Marinus toad Gwen found and showed to the interested crowd, Alan, Sarah and Christina (below) and to swashbuckling Simon with his ever-ready pirate's sword.
Doesn't Gwen look like a young field biologist?
Iguana spotted from the porch.
The tail is great but the head, seen with binoculars, is even better--glittering turquoise and gold scales !
And--no photos allowed in the bat lab, but--this great echo-locating bat picture on the building outside.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

in Panama
A unique way to eat a delicious crepes. 
Pesto pasta in front of the IPad.
A special treat at the Crepe restaurant.
Toby and Simon both enjoyed their yummy sundaes.

Monday, June 8, 2015

In Gamboa!
With Rachel and the kids the first night--building things.
David still on his US trip.

Next morning Simon's transportation to school--
the back of Rachel's bike.
Relaxed breakfast time on the porch.
So good to be here!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Leaving LA
and our great Burbank gang,
but first...
the school dance:
Max in the chicken dance
Maddie in Jailhouse Rock

Mother's Day at Senor Fish.
And an earlier but sweet photo of the gang.
We're back in Chocorua now and missing you guys a lot!