Saturday, September 26, 2009

On a recent walk around Heron Pond, Toby and I met two people carrying what looked like part of a hunter's blind, a sure sign that bear hunting season had started.

That meant donning our orange vests so as not to be mistaken for bears.

Tulip's not thrilled with her new collar.

Chocorua Creative Arts

Building a fire in the new wood stove,

Ahhh, warmth!

And painting a big, old rocking chair.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Now that labor Day is over, things are quieting down up here,

although the yellow jackets are still very busy feeding off the sedum,

and it's fun to see how many four-leaf clovers there are in one spot in the grass.

The clothes line seems very peaceful,

As does Toby, enjoying the afternoon sunlight on the lawn.

Tulip has all sorts of reasons to love being in Chocorua: hiking, running around free, swimming in the lake, chasing chipmonks, being dutiful by keeping away the bears (or whatever it is she barks at at night), the cool evenings, and numerous kindly guests.

Now she has one more reason to love being here....

The UPSMan!

At first, she considers (but not seriously) biting him,
but then she discovers that he has

home-made dog biscuits!
"My wife makes them," he says, "they're filled with peanut butter.
Dogs love peanut butter."

Tulip loves the New Hampshire UPS man.

Theo's Barrington painting class came up for two days of painting and photography
and lots of good food, wine, singing and talk.

The Phenixes came for drinks on the porch--Matt is heading off to be a sophomore at Berkeley School of Music, Carol just got a degree in applied arts (painting) at UNH, and Alan is the drummer for different groups around New Hampshire, all leading us to wonder which art creates the most immediate emotional impact: music or visual arts. Music won (although the painters weren't so sure).

Next, the Baileys arrived from Canada. We were all happy to see them,
especially, as you can see, Tulip!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Climbing Bickford Heights

On the way up, Toby and Tulip pause at the cairn Barry Bailey built years ago.

Here's the cairn Sam built with friends at the top of Bickford Heights.

And Theo poising with Tulip, getting ready to head back.