Thursday, August 3, 2017

Chocorua in June
I'm making three short trips to Chocorua this summer--wanting to open up the house but not leave Toby for too long in his board and care home in Burbank.
This first trip
was to get the raft and the dock out, 
with much help from Alan and neighbor Tristan and her friend.
To lay the straw down on the path for a soft trek down to the lake.
And do a thousand more things!
I saw the loon with a babe on the back, maybe two, not three--but now there's only one (where is the sad emoji when I need it?). 

Checking out Simon's "shelter" which he made last year.  It's still standing and strong,

I love the two stones holding the shelter support sticks--repeated all around the structure.

My Tante Ann's piano got moved in from Becky's Chocorua piano studio where it had been residing since our move out of Barrington.  It's tuned and ready.  I just have to relearn how to play!
Julie and Andy came to dinner
as did Alan.
So good to be back in Chocorua again with the lake and the land and the friends.


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  1. So wonderful to see the beautiful Chocorua scenes! And I love it that Simon's structure is still there!! (must be due to all those perfectly positioned support rocks)